paleo dish

Is Paleo Right for You?

by Brad King February 21, 2019

Nuts and seeds are also essential Paleo diet foods.

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strong woman's back

Muscling in on Longevity

by Brad King February 03, 2019

Researchers have also shown that a loss of muscle mass is even correlated to loss of brain and nervous system function as we age.

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mineral deposits

Minerals—What Once Was, Is No Longer

by Brad King January 13, 2019

Minerals play almost innumerable roles within your body. Aside from being a part of nearly every enzymatic process in the body (functioning as metalloenzymes),

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synthetic vitamins in packaging

The Problem with High-dose Vitamins

by Brad King December 04, 2018

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woman drinking from a coffee mug

Tea vs. Coffee – Which is Better?

by Brad King November 13, 2018

Coffee wasn’t always considered a healthy beverage, however research over the past decade or so is now showing that coffee is proving to be healthy within moderation.

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woman holding a heating pad to stomach

5 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut & What to Do About it

by Brad King November 06, 2018

So what’s your gut got to do with it?

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grain bowl topped with bananas strawberries and mangos

Unexpected Benefits of Eating Clean

by Brad King October 30, 2018

Hippocrates was definitely onto something when he stated, “Let food be thy medicine.”

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carton of best eggs to buy

The Best Eggs to Buy

by Brad King October 16, 2018

Numerous studies have, however, proven that egg yolks, and other sources of dietary cholesterol, are not responsible for elevating blood cholesterol levels at all.

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candy cane lollipop gummy candies and hard candies

5 Ways to Banish Sugar Cravings for Good

by Brad King October 09, 2018

Believe it or not, sugar cravings have been compared to drug addiction, in that giving up sugar can initially result in physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, and its hold on you is far more reaching than you may have ever realized. 

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pile of synthetic pills

Pretty or Ugly - Which is Your Supplement?

by Brad King October 02, 2018

Which meal are you likely to buy?

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hand holding sign that says diet did I eat that?

Epigenetics and Your Diet

by Brad King September 25, 2018

Epigenetics refers to the long-term alterations in the potential expression or outcome of a cell that are not necessarily heritable.

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man running on a long road

Conformity will Kill You

by Brad King September 18, 2018

Refer to any dictionary and you’ll see the word “normal” pertains to one who conforms to a specific standard; someone who is usual, typical, or expected. Ouch!

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