Smaller Fat People

Smaller Fat People

September 10, 2018

Today, weight is all people talk about on TV or during our lunch break. From the time we are old enough to watch adults nervously weigh themselves on the bathroom scale as they hope maybe this time the numbers will have moved in the right direction, losing weight has been easy to talk about, but difficult to achieve.

Weight loss is all most of us ever think about, which is why we are inundated by what is commonly referred to as the “weight loss” industry. However, the truth is, weight has very little to do with how we look, feel, or perform. Believe it or not, there is even good weight on our bodies that we can’t afford to lose – it’s called muscle and it weighs—one cubic inch for one cubic inch—more than fat.

Muscle is the key metabolic engine of the body, and without enough of it, we can find ourselves on perpetual dieting merry-go-rounds. Unfortunately, you never hear any dieters discussing where they expect the majority of their weight loss to come from when they find themselves at the start of their fifth, tenth, or God-knows-what-number diet they are presently on.

This is why research shows that on most fad diets, we lose almost equal portions of fat and muscle. Losing muscle dooms most dieters to regain all they’ve lost, plus a few extra pounds. Not good. So as one lady many years ago put it; STOP THE INSANITY!

Let’s face it, fad diets are nothing more than short-term solutions to what is commonly known as a lifelong problem – it’s called obesity. Time to wake up and smell the bacon. Most of our population is fat, that’s just a fact. To just say we are “overweight,” or we “weigh too much,” or “I need to lose some weight,” is never going to solve the problem.

When we go on diets, most of us become nothing more than reduced versions of our former fat selves. We fit into smaller clothes, but we are no closer to being fit and healthy. I coined this phenomenon as The Smaller Fat Person Syndrome, in my bestselling book, Fat Wars, over ten years ago. It’s time to change our perception of reality because we are a nation of over-fat people. We are not over weight.

The first step to overcoming any problem in our lives – including being over-fat – is identifying we have a problem. But going on another diet is about the worst thing anyone can do. Instead, why not try changing your diet for the better and the best way to start the body using its own fat as energy, is eliminate the sugar and reduce your overall carb intake. This one step alone will work miracles on helping to reverse the current epidemic of the Smaller Fat Person Syndrome.

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